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There are two ideal ways to quickly achieve financial independence!

One is „wealth accumulation through entrepreneurship“ and the other is „wealth accumulation through investments, especially real estate investments“. This became absolutely clear to me when I started asking myself how rich people managed to build up their wealth. I have read almost every book on wealth research. I have also observed, interviewed, and learned from rich people.

The results are clear. These people are connected by the fact that either they or their ancestors built up their wealth through entrepreneurship and real estate investments.

In both cases, they built up a system that generated profits for them – and soon you will be able to do the same! While entrepreneurship uses other people’s time to create value, real estate investments are usually financed by other people’s money (usually in the form of a bank loan).

The reason why someone invests in real estate or becomes an entrepreneur is freedom! Freedom means making your own rules and regaining power over yourself and your life. Only those who can act irrationally – and, above all, with self-determination – are truly free.




It has always been my dream to be independent. Wealth and making a ton of money are personally less important to me. I do not drive expensive cars, nor do I wear expensive clothes, jewellery, or watches. For me, money has no intrinsic value, but it is „the means“ to more freedom and independence. We need it to buy our daily bread, to fulfill our consumer wishes, and to make a good life possible for our families. A sufficiently large real estate portfolio or owning my own company are the means for me to escape from the daily rat race.

I do not believe that money makes people happy. Yet I do believe that too little money brings with it a certain degree of dependency and lack of control which then often leads to unhappiness. To be financially free means to have control over one’s own life, to have more options to deal more comfortably with life’s irregularities and therefore be less externally controlled; independence in other words.


A few examples of how money affects your life and that of your family!

  • Money influences the quality of your health.

  • It determines the quality of your medical care.

  • Money determines your quality of life and your place of residence.

  • It determines the quality of your food and drinks.

  • Money determines the quality of your kid’s education.

  • It determines how much and whether you have free time.

  • Money determines how much and where you can go on holiday.


Happiness means being free, and money determines the number of options and the degree of freedom you have in life. I want to help you! You, too, can and will achieve your own individual state of independence.

Best regards

Dr. Florian Roski