Do you want to know how you can build up a large fortune with the systematic acquisition of real estate and generate returns of over 30%? If so, this book is the blueprint for you!

The ABC of a real estate millionaire Cover

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You’ll find out in the book „The ABC’s of a real estate millionaire“ the following:

√ How to find the right properties

√ How to achieve high returns with very low risk

√ The optimal capital structure when investing in real estate

√ How to select the right tenant

√ How to live on your rental income





Get to know a safe method of building up a fortune with real estate.

It is risk-minimized and without financial gambling – and with the certainty that every detail has been successfully tested in practice by a professional for many years. It is my concern to elegantly combine entrepreneurship with investment to your advantage.

The book teaches you in a simple, intelligent, and absolutely practical way of how to build up a fortune with real estate. Also, it doesn’t even matter your economic level when you start building up your assets, as long as you follow all the rules described.

Although luck plays a role from time to time, it is much more important to do your homework, be patient, and track down the properties when all traffic lights are green for go. As you know, basically, you will only be as successful in life according to: If your spiritual vessel grows, then you will grow too and so will your success!

Real estate loans are currently at a historically low level of interest rate. Here lurks the danger as many buyers can be convinced of going for too high a purchase prices due to the current low-interest rates and, correspondingly, low monthly charges. Ten years later, at the time of follow-up financing or an emergency sale, this could prove to come back and bite you! Loans should be treated like a loaded gun, handled with the greatest care so that the shot does not backfire. Respect for debt is important!

The book „The ABC’s of a real estate millionaire“ should help you to understand and implement the purchasing of real estate, the financing, the subsequent harvest, and the associated asset accumulation.

Dr. Florian-Roski-Autor