Education Punk: „It is time to try new things – when it comes to education as well!“.

Knowledge is power, but nevertheless, rather worthless if it is not applied regularly. My mission is therefore to offer knowledge and educational services that have been tested multiple times in practice.

Particularly in the areas of asset accumulation with real estate, company growth and company foundation. Expensive mistakes can be avoided through practical education. The immediate practicability and topicality of our knowledge not only saves time, but also money and energy.

Education Punk offers different education services at home and abroad, such as lecturer activities, mentoring, marketing of books, seminars and E-learning concepts. We deal with individual desires and answer all open questions. We keep nothing for us. It is our goal and mission to share the entirety of our knowledge as a specialized publishing house for financial education.

The managing directors of the company are: Dipl.-Kfm., Dr. Florian Roski, DBA, MBA, M-NLP und IKSOR GmbH (Business Angel and Family Office)

You can find a detailed profile of the best-selling author, real estate investor, and entrepreneur on XING.

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Profile Managing Director, Education Punk Ltd:

Dr. Florian Roski (born Sept. 22, 1974) is an investor, bestselling author, university lecturer, entrepreneur, and founder consultant who lives in Nuremberg. His university education began with a degree in business administration in Nuremberg. After his studies, which he successfully completed as a Dipl.-Kfm., he began his professional career with a start-up company in the automotive sector. Today, the company has over 500 employees. During this time, Dr. Roski has held various management positions, and is still grateful for the lessons he learned from his mentors. Concurrently with his work, he also completed a communications/psychology degree, an international MBA program, and a doctorate in England. Dr. Roski left the company after nine exciting years. He founded the company group Wirtschaftssozietät GmbH, with over 450 start-up projects and 25 colleagues, which is positioned as the number one in Franconian start-up consulting. He is currently a student at Stanford University, USA.

As is customary for impatient entrepreneurs, Dr. Roski began to take retirement planning into his own hands early on. He is still a passionate real estate investor today, and has built up his retirement provisions over the years through real estate flips, but primarily by focusing on a buy-and-hold strategy.

He is constantly expanding his experience and knowledge. Dr. Florian Roski is an association-approved building expert for the valuation of developed and undeveloped properties, and has worked voluntarily for DEGRIN—Begegnung und Bildung in Vielfalt e.V. (Meeting and Education in Diversity).

Dr. Florian Roski knows how to elegantly combine entrepreneurship and investment, and is one of the most successful consultants in his area.



Level-Up; Promoting good and innovative ideas; Independence.



„Only if you live it, you can tell it.“